[Partially solved] Mounting a NAS


I have a QNAP NAS from which I serve my music. I want to use it with Volumio, but despite setting it up and seeing a green tick next to the NAS setup box, it is not seeing any of my files.

From time to time the NAS row appears on the Browse tab, and it lists my server, but on navigating into it there are no files.

I have updated the library too.

If I ssh into the Pi, I can navigate to /mnt/NAS and see the mount point. By chmodding the mount point I can navigate onto the NAS and the files/directories are there, but they are not being added to the library.

Does anyone have experience of this?


I had a (partial) success last night. The issue was with permissions of the sub directories and files. Instead of using the inbuilt NAS mounting I set them up in fstab. Unfortunately I have had to chmod 777 on all files and directories to get them usable by Volumio. Still some research to do to bring back the permissions to something that is acceptable to me.