Output through jack, volume controle through I2C

After some Googling I found this topic: use-separate-i2c-volume-controller-with-volumio-t3244.html

And I thought: yes!! Thats what i’m looking for :smiley: but I couldn’t find any answer, I want to output the audio through the build-in jack to my DAC which supports I2C volume control. When I enable I2C in the webinterface there is no audio output on the jack.

Any way to by pass this? Running the latest version of Volumio on RPi3 and according to the earlier mentioned topic this should by fixed somehow.

There isn’t an option to enable i2c in the UI … that is i2s. I think, but you may need to check, that i2c is enabled by default.

Oops…i think it was too late for me :smiley: Webinterface says I2S indeed. But is volume control over I2C enabled by default? There is stuff to be configured first? Cant find any documentation on this subject on Volumio pages.

The i2c interface is enabled by default (just checked one of my installations, ‘dtparam=i2c_arm=on’ is present in ‘/boot/config.txt’), but what you do with that interface is down to you :wink: Perhaps the GPIO buttons controller plugin may be relevant??

I found that out and checked it (it´s working), but does Volumio send I2C commands when changing the volume? Or do I have to write some code myself. I cant find any documentation on this.

(I hope you understand the question, my English isnt the best out here :laughing: )