Output signal level decreased after sw upgrade

I have a Raspberry 2 with HifiBerry DAC Plus and after an upgrade to System version 2.692 (I do not know what version I had before) the output signal decreased significantly.
Please advise.

Sort of same thing here.
The volume is on a set level and the volume control in Volumio doesn’t work anymore, not in hardware control, not in software control
I also have a HifiBerry DAC Plus. Mine sits on a Pi 3B+

exactly the same problem here with the same configuration.
After restarting the system “Mixer Type” choice only None or Software.

I have the same problem, has anyone got a fix for it?

There is a known issue with volume control.
It will be investigated when the devs return from holidays.

see github.com/volumio/Volumio2/issues/1832
solved for me

Upgraded to latest version (2020.01.16.) and problem is still there.
No, I do not have problem with the volume control. It does work.
Problem is with the output level of the HifiBerry DAC+.
I use a 2x4W tube amplifier and now it is unable to amplify to the sound intensity level as it was before the volumio upgrade.
I probably would not notice this with an integrated amplifier with power of something like 2x50W.
please advise.

Hi there
Switch off the Volumio and de-energize it for at least one minute. (Take Off The Powersupply)
After that the volume was back to normal.

I only had the problem with a test system with OSA DacBerry Pro +.
The problem did not arise with the Allo BOSS DAC.


hi rost21A,
it did solve. interesting.
looks like it had nothing to do with the sw upgrade
many thanks.