Output impedance for Allo Piano headphone amp?


I have purchased the Allo Piano and am enjoying it, but I am wondering what the output impedance is for the headphone amp.

Does anyone know?


JET, please don’t open single posts, but rather try to use the existing ones if they fit

I searched and no one is asking about output impedance in any other post… also I can see no particular post for general Allo Piano questions going back as far as December 2015.

How else can I ask a question if there is no activity about that topic?

Also, you appear to have deleted my Help forum question? Why is that and how can I get help for that issue?


Hi JET, I’ve moved your previous question to this topic:

I will also create a topic for discussions on Allo Piano, and I will move this one to it.



Maybe you can find informations here!

Happy new year everyone :slight_smile:

I checked the datasheet…they only say “Minimum load impedance is 16 Ohm”…so I assume that output Z is 1 or 2 Ohm