Other developers to work with on Multi-room?

Anyone working on multiroom that wants to team on getting the Spotify plugin to work into snapcast? Or if someone on the dev team is farther along on this I will be happy to test across configs and versions of Raspberry Pi. I also have a developer friend that is more fluent in node.js and is willing to add a web page into Volumio to control the snapcast node volumes like the snapcast android app does. Fairly simple API calls to snapserver it appears.

I have snapcast working with Volumio2 just fine with synched sound to four nodes for NAS, web radio etc. multiroom-audio-output-from-volumio-with-snapcast-t3217.html

I have not yet been successful getting the Spotify plug-in to work with snapcast after trying some things to get Sox output from the Spotify plugin to output correctly to a pipe into snapserver. But I feel I am close, but no cigar yet :slight_smile:.


Enjoying multi-room

Glad to hear that people are working on this, but sorry that I have no knowledge to contribute. The multiroom sync experience is definitely top of my wish list for the new year. Very willing to test stuff though

Any thoughts about Badaix’s spotify client rather the one used now?

I have worked on a plugin to set up Snapcast the last couple of days. I have also looked at the source code for Volumio and I am not sure that I will spend more time on this since I think it is quite messy. My guess is also that Snapcast will be supported in future releases since a very old version is installed by default.

That’s a shame mliljedahl that you are not sure that you will spend more time. The more people who get involved, the better this application will become.