OTA update from v2.917 to v3.x: any way to keep / transfer the Library/Shares/etc?


So the OTA update searcher pop-up in Volumio tells exactly that it will be a “factory reset” type install, when switching to v.3, so all parts of the existing setup will be totally erased. So I ask if is there a way to save and transfer at least some existing parts like the Music Library, Favorites and the NAS Shares somehow? (As i see now the Backup and Restore plugin isn’t working yet with v.3.x). Or if it isn’t now, than my question would be that can we wait for a solution for this “migration” in the (near) future? (I’m sure that starting from “scratch” again will make a lot of users start rolling eyes and climbing on the walls…)


Really need the backup/restore plugin working…

You could use Filezilla (you need to enable ssh first) and then back up the directories /data/albumart/web and /data/favourites to a PC. Not sure where the NAS data will be, but you can try /data/albumart/folder/mnt/NAS.
Then after upgrade, add your network drive(s) and click update in Sources. When it’s finished, restore the saved directories from your PC. This restores (at least for me) custom artist/album artwork, playlists and favourites.

The team would have loved to do a normal V2/V3 OTA and avoid all the upset about having to do a factory reset. It was technically not possible to do, the differences between core Volumio 3 (incl. updated OS) and an existing Volumio 2 install were just too big.
There will be no change to the V2/V3 OTA, so I wouldn’t wait for an improved version.
My advice: take another SD card and just flash Volumio 3.