Order 8484


Unfortunately the EMS mail is not working so perfectly. My order from India to Ukraine has been going for a month. I am very sorry that my order has been going on for so long. I hope I have enough patience for this :blush:


Dear Oleg,
I am really sorry about your issue with this order. I’ve personally recontacted Allo again.

Few considerations: Volumio operates in dropshipping, so your order has been shipped from Allo India. Also, don’t worry, if there is one company known for its outstanding customer support is Allo, so I am sure your problem will be solved soon, (indepentently by the unsupportiveness from one of their employee).

Thank you, your support is very valuable to me! :slight_smile:

Hooray, I received my order today. Thank you for wonderful products! :smiley:

Patience is power! :smiley:

Hi, I just Order 2 day ago but I can’t find how to track my order. Please, you suggest me.

Hi, as soon as your order is shipped, you will receive your tracking number via email

You can contact me directly via the form on the website to get support for your purchases :wink:

That is the FAST reply

Thank you Michelangelo :slight_smile:

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