Options for safe shutdown

I currently us an Odroid C2 with Volumio as my music source in my car. Volumio–>Odroid HiFISHIELD2 Toslink–>DSP–>Amps

A second Odroid C2 is running Android5.1 and I use this to control Volumio via the Web interface.(as well as GPS and other things)

Odroid has a way to safely shutdown the C2 via android app and GPIO pin pulse.

I have no way to shut down the Volumio Odroid C2 safely besides the webGUI/shutdown. I usually just turn off the power, have not had issues yet.

SO I am considering replacing the Volumio Odroid C2 with an Intel NUC with a miniBOX NUC DCDC intelligent power supply for safe shut down when the key is off. http://www.mini-box.com/DCDC-NUC

Before buying a NUC and power supply, I wanted to confirm that the NUC and Volumio will safely shutdown when the Power supply sends the shutdown pulse? I know it works with Windows as i have had a carPC for 15 years, does it work the same with Volumio/Linux or will it be the same as a hard shutdown?

Thanks for all the hard work, I have no less than (4) Volumio servers in my house/car!

That’s a clever idea!
I can just say that Volumio on X86 safely shuts down when you press the power button, I don’t know if that is useful to determine if that would work also for the PSU shutdown pulse…

Good deal…

The On/off pulse from the NUC-DCDC basically replaces the power switch. When it sends it’s off pulse the NUC BIOS thinks you are pushing the power button. The Bios then tells Windows to closes apps and shut down.

On your NUC, Does the power button then trigger Volumio to do graceful shutdown?

Thanks you for the reply…

I have decided to try the Intel NUC NUC5CPYH https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856102140

This will boot from SD card and has room for SATA 2Tb Driver internally.(that is alot of MUSIC) Bonus, has Toslink Optical output built in as well as WIFI!

Will the Toslink optical out work with Volumio from the start?

Is there support for intel wireless - AC 3165 M.2 2230? Will The Volumio Hotspot work with this?