Open Beta Testing of new TIDAL and QOBUZ implementation, feedback wanted

If I pause a song and continue after some time (1 hrs+?) it will play a few seconds then skip to next song.

Latest beta on Tinker Board S. I still have the problem with maximum 50 tracks displayed from a Qobuz playlist.

This is annoying as the bug was not present before the re-implementation of Qobuz.

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Tidal Connect has just been released.

Why not save yourself a lot of development effort and subsequent bug fixing, and just get permission to implement Tidal connect?


Ohhhhhhhhhhh yes please!!!

I really miss the Spotify connect support in Volumio since I left Spotify. While the Volumio interface is fairly decent for playback I would still much prefer to just use the iOS Tidal app as a controller (at full quality and without streaming over Airplay) like I used to with Spotify and Spotify Connect.

The Volumio interface is fine for playback of existing albums / artists / playlists etc, but doesn’t allow easy exploration of new music and subsequent saving of albums/artists/tracks, updating playlists etc as there is no way to edit those things from the Volumio interface, and lack of any way to update those is a major shortcoming of the user interface.

I should point out that Qobuz has had a Qobuz Connect feature with support from many third parties for quite a while (at least since last year) but for whatever reason this has not been implemented in Volumio either.

While I’m happy to see the native Volumio interface support for Tidal and Qobuz improved as well, for me Tidal Connect and Qobuz Connect would be the killer feature of My Volumio.


+1 tidal & qobuz connect.


Hello together
I am very happy that Qobuz is integrated into Volumio. But it would certainly make sense to integrate the Qobuz-Connect. Some people like it better.
I myself prefer the integration in Volumio. I find it pleasant when everything is housed under a GUI. Access to your own flacs and internet radio stations, all the same.
I think both are justified.


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Hello together
I have noticed that adding albums to my own favorites on the mobile phone and on the tablet in Qobuz sometimes does not work.
It does not work in the tile view.
It works in the list view.
See pictures.

On the PC, however, it seems to work in both views.


TIDAL Connect please!

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Agree, Tidal Connect would be a great feature.

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Qobuz Connect would be excellent!


Regarding TIDAL Connect we’re already contacting our technical representative @TIDAL :wink:
See here:

If QOBUZ Connect is possible (from our documentation QOBUZ Connect is actually the OAUTH implementation, not the “spotify-connect-like-thingy”).

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I also have the playlist content > 50 Qobuz problem. 2.834 makes no difference.

Another vote for Qobuz connect.

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Hello guys,

We are currently testing an update with fixes for the Qobuz search limited to 50 items, MQA playback and others. Just a couple of days and we’ll release it.

Thanks for testing and reporting, we really appreciate that!


Thank you very much for your very good work!
I noticed that the HighRes icons are partially displayed in Volumio, but there are none.
See image of Volumio and the Qobuz app. (Joe Bonamassa)


Great to hear.

Will these changes be in a client side Volumio update in the dev channel, or server side (no update needed) or a bit of both ?

It’s not clear how much is done locally on the device and how much in the cloud back end with My Volumio…

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A bit of both… Those udpates require both server side code and client side code…

Is there a changelog somewhere for the development versions that goes into a bit more detail about what is changing in each version other than the built in changelog in the UI?

I just checked my system and it updated to V2.846 however the changelog in the UI was a very vague “Improvements to Tidal and Qobuz” or similar. Without knowing what issues those changes might be focusing on it’s hard to know where to concentrate testing and also not waste time testing issues that are not yet addressed. :slight_smile:

Well, well, well…
2.846 MQA playback on 192kHz unfolding rate seems to be… Ok :grin: At least with next albums :
The Commodores - Machine Gun
Muddy Waters - Folk Singer

Eric Clapton - Slowhand MQA 96kHz :grin: okay


  1. Not available tracks still shown in TIDAL. And not playable tracks hangs up playback queue ( Chris Botti - Live in Boston)
  2. Still missing some tracks from play lists ( It’s Party Time! - TIDAL Masters)

I updated to 2.846 and I have big troubles with Qobuz. The sound is distorted and jerky. No problem with the local music on my Nas