Open Beta Testing of new TIDAL and QOBUZ implementation, feedback wanted

I would like to see this option to switch from list to grid view in all situations.
Or else only in the home view and nowhere else.
There is currently the option to switch and sometimes not.


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Thank you very much guys!

Following your indications, this is what we’ve done so far :wink:

  • Fixed gapless playback
  • fixed album search on qobuz (Max Richter Voices and scarlatti ross 20 now return album results, The Knife works)
  • Enlarged search bar
  • Fixed behvaiour of title when seeking and hitting next and previous

We are still investigating and working on:

  • MQA Playback
  • My Mixes
  • CD order handling
  • TIDAL my artists
  • List layout available also for root

Qobuz playlists only show the first 50 titles. It’s not possible to view any more songs.

I stream via Tidal only. And miss two features right now:

  1. See singles & ep’s. When I search for an artist only albums are listed.
  2. Add artist/track/album to Tidal collection: when I listen to an new artist I like, I have to go back to Tidal to add it to my collection.

I don’t use the favourites option of Volumio. Maybe a feature to sync favourites with your collections would be an option as well.

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Thanks guys, all the new feedbacks are in the TODO lists.
By using the latest release you shall see most of your points have already been fixed.
We’re approaching release time :wink:


I have bought another SD card just for this.
Where I can find this version?

to upgrade frome here to the next test version you have to enable developer mode!

and do steps discribed here:

If appear a new beta version how can I get it?

Follow instructions above and don’t change these settings. You can check for new updates manually, whenever a beta is out can install it as long as you’re on ‘‘test’’

Ok… So if I am in test mode I can update over the Ota new beta versions! I will flash on different SD card then the one in series production :slight_smile:

  1. Please add sorting by album artist in the Album View in Qobuz. This works in Play Lists but Not Album View.
  2. Please add in the actual notes from Qobuz. They are superior and cover more than the notes you are offering.

Thanks for all the great work.

Tidal almost perfect. Missing

  • sorting inside playlist
  • goto artist/album without playing track

And of course artist/album/track to Tidal.
What is MQA playback supposed to bring?

What do you mean with your last question?

Hey, the latest beta is already going very well, when I’m in Qobuz the Volumio system works very quickly. I also test on a RPI 1! :Freude:
Thank you very much for your very good work! :+1:
Yes, I agree with the previous speaker. A sorting option would be very good. Please also for “my artists”
e.g. Alphabetical and newest, ascending and descending.
That would often be very helpful.


Is there going to be changes how Volumio handles MQA files? Sure I can now play M-files (Allo Boss/ Volumio) and I see that 48/24 happens. But I guess this does not mean it is “MQA-ready”.

As far is I know MPD does not have the license to handle MQA. You’ll need a full MQA-decoding DAC

Exactly. So what does it mean that “We are still working on MQA playback”?

System : volumio 2.834, odroid C2, SMSL M500

All points are related to TIDAL !

1. MQA playback

a.) Only available when the MQA track’s sampling rate is 44.1 kHz, and the “unfolding” sampling rate at M500 is 44.1 kHz or 88.2 kHz. But not in all cases.

b.) In any other case, when the MQA track’s sampling rate is 48.0 kHz, and the “unfolding” sampling rate at M500 is 48.0 kHz or 96.0 kHz or 192 kHz it is not working.

I did some comparison between TIDAL PC application and volumios TIDAL implementation,
Here are few album samples, as You see not all 44.1 kHz sampling rate albums are playes as MQA :

	Artist / Album														MQA sampling rate(kHz)		MQA playback
		The Commodores - Machine Gun											192						NO
		Muddy Waters - Folk Singer												192						NO
		Prince & The Revolution - Purple Rain Deluxe (Expanded Edition)			192						NO
		Quincy Jones and His Orchestra - Big Band Bossa Nova					192						NO
		The Temptation - Gettin' Ready											192						NO
		Chick Corea - Plays														96						NO
		Diana Krall - Quit Nights												96						NO
		Eric Clapton - Slowhand													96						NO
		Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik							96						NO
		War - The World Is A Ghetto (40th Anniversary Expanded Edition)			96						NO
		Beyoncé - Homecoming: The Live Album									48						NO
		Micheal Bublé - Bublé ! (Original Sountrack from his NBC TV Special)	48						NO
		Diana Krall - This Dream Of You											44.1					YES
		Sting - 44/876 (Deluxe)													44.1					NO	????
		Sting - My Songs (Deluxe)												44.1					YES
		The Rolling Stones - Voodoo Lounge (Remastered 2009)					44.1					YES
		Keb Mo - Moonlight, Mistletoe & You										88.2					YES
		The Rolling Stones - Let It Bleed										88.2					NO	????

2. Prev button ( |< )

OK, no more “strange” token as track name …
3. Missing tracks

From volumio TIDAL implementation playlists or my mixes - compared to TIDAL PC application playlists or my mixes, there are some missing tracks. The play queue list is equal to playlist.
Tested with It’s Party Time! - TIDAL Masters playlist,
Here are a few first tracks from playlist :

	TIDAL PC									volumio TIDAL		volumio PLAY QUEUE
		Prince & The Revolution - Let's Go Crazy	OK					OK
		Lizzo - Juice								MISSING				MISSING
		Beyoncé - Crazy In Love						MISSING				MISSING
		Janelle Monáe - MAke ME Feel				MISSING				MISSING
		Chick - Good Times							OK					OK
		David Bowie - Let's Dance					MISSING				MISSING
		Iggy Pop - Lust For Life					OK					OK
		The B-52's - Love Shock						MISSING				MISSING
		Lizzo, Ariana Grande - Good As Hell			OK					OK
		Taylor Swift - You Need To Calm Down		MISSING				MISSING
		Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now					OK					OK
		Charli XCX, Troye Sivan - 1999				MISSING				MISSING		
		Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music				MISSING				MISSING
		JAY-Z, Kanye West - Ni**as In Paris			MISSING				MISSING
		Megan Thee Stallion, VickeeLo - Ride Or Die	OK					OK
		Missy Elliott - Throw IT Back				OK					OK

4. Not Playable songs

Tested with Chris Botti - Live In Boston album.
	a.) Playable songs : Whan I Fall In Love, Cinema Paradiso, Flamenco Sketches
	b.) All other are not playable. They block the play queue, when it comes to play nothings happen, nor skipping to next track...

5. Skipping track after resume playing

If the playback was paused, then resumed, the track is playing for few ten seconds, then skip to next track.

With oficial released version 2.834 I still. Need to perfomr the step at the beginning of the post to test the new qobuz implementation?

Yes, create the file and restart