Open Beta Testing of new TIDAL and QOBUZ implementation, feedback wanted

Thanks for the update, pls do let me know whether you can replicate the issue. I have been having this issue before and after latest version updates.

It continues to play the last track but there is no sound. For example in my screenshot, it plays “what’s up” and after this song, it’s silent, but when I view on interface, it plays the song again but without any sound. This only happens when I create my own playlist either directly on tidal or volumio. It doesn’t happen to when I make a playlist from my loca usb flacs or if I play from standard playlist available in tidal.



Please send me a log
After the issue comes go to : YOURVOLUMIOip/dev --> create log–> copy the link and send it to


Volumio tech support

I’ve not checked here in a couple of weeks, but today I had Qobuz and Tidal disappear from the web page. There was no option in settings to login to either. I saw that I had “experimental” checked, so unchecked and then I could login again. Also, I had previously disabled dev mode which I thought was recommended. So which is it? Should I continue to have Dev mode on? When on it allows me to upgrade to 2.857 (I’m still on 2.853).

An apparent bug when playing Tidal playlists. I was trying to pick up a playlist from where I’d listened up to previously, having listened to other, different things in the meantime.

Via web GUI, going to Tidal - Playlists - - pick the track I’d got to previously.

This results in what seems to be random tracks from the playlist playing each time I try to select the right track (usually with playback only starting after several seconds’ delay). And even if the correct track plays, the next track to come on will be the wrong one.

Clicking the ‘play whole playlist’ button at the top, then trying to skip tracks until I got to the right place wouldn’t work either - the first few tracks skipped ok, but then Volumio seemed to get confused and play the wrong track, or just stop.

BUT, instead of trying to start from the correct track, if I click on the ‘play whole playlist’ button that appears in the panel at the top of the playlist, THEN bring up the play queue, and select the correct track from within that, then the correct track plays, and the subsequent tracks play in the correct order.

Seems to be something wrong with how selecting tracks from the playlist itself gets translated into a play/queue command.

I’m in the same boat. The Tidal and Qobuz options disappeared on 2.853 until after turning “experimental” off, then the old Tidal login option was available.

After upgrading to 2.857 the Tidal and Qobuz options completely disappeared so I can’t login to Tidal at all. (And I’ve waited hours for the options to appear under the Sources page and navigated to other settings pages as suggested by @volumio)

I had Qobuz disappear, and the only fix was to reflash Volumio. Not great, but it is not too difficult. I hope that this bug has been squashed.

New update v. 2.861 fix the bug! :slight_smile:

Volumio 2.861
Qobuz search does not return results with accentued characters “idées noires” = no result, but “idees noires” ok

Is it just a Qobuz issue or is it widespread to volumio search?

The same search in Volumio return results for radios or Spotify or local. So I would say it is Qobuz

Fixed. Now being internally tested before delivery


A suggestion
When favorites or playlist are displayed, there is no information about sources.
The following favorites seen from Qobuz shows tracks from Spotify too…

Volumio 2.864
Deleting one track from favorites in Qobuz remove all tracks from Qobuz in display. But a refresh page shows all tracks not removed

I’m on v. 2.861 and Tidal option won’t show up. I’m logged in. I tried Loggin off and logging back in no luck. Using on allo Usbridge with sparky.

Do you see Tidal in sources visibility? Scrolling down in the same Sources menu…

No it’s not there.

Depuis la dernière mise à jour de volume sur l’accès QOBUZ, j’ai perdu tous les liens de la playlists, qui avait été crée d’après des morceaux choisis sur QOBUZ, ça crain vraiment.
Mon volumio après la mise à jour c’est planté ne pouvant plus lire dans ma file d’attente, file d’attente que j’ai etais obliger de supprimer

C’est une catastrophe, suite à la dernière mise à jour de Volumio, je perd tous les titres mis dans les playlist de Volumio venant de QOBUZ, j’avais déjà rencontre le problème et du coup avais supprimer le test.
Merci de corriger et de permettre la récupération des playlists faite avant l(implémentation de QOBUZ.

Meilleurs voeux 2021

inutile de poster deux fois la même chose. Et SVP en Anglais :wink:
no need to post twice the same thing
Does your playlist created in volumio or in qobuz (via app or website) ?
Are you connected to Qobuz in volumio after the update?
What is your device?
Volumio version?