Only get LCH mono in both channel outputs

have a weird problem in my setup which consist of
Raspberry Pi3B with piggybacked IanCanada Fifopi reclocker with Accusilicon clocks feeding a DDDAC1794
Volumio updated to lates version today in an attempt to solve issue
thought something has been wrong with my dac for weeks until I stumbled upon another guy in NL with the same issue
I only get LCH signal in both channel outputs
no resampling
I2S set to on
audio output : Hifiberrydac
dac: Hifiberrydac

problem occurred when I switched from Odroid + KALI to another reclocker Fifopi, which I couldn´t make work with Odroid
I then bought a Raspberry Pi3B to piggyback the reclocker and of course had to flash a new Volumio …

hope someone can help