Only first 100 tracks from playlists are displayed and played - also problems

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.9.09 - but it didn’t work with older versions. I look for updates about once a month.
Hardware: Raspberry PI 4
DAC: Hifiberry DAC+

Hi there,

I have a playlist with about 500 songs.
The problem starts with watching the playlist in my library: Exactly the first 100 songs get displayed. Yes, I’ve counted them manually. Two times.
If I add the whole playlist to be played, again, only these first 100 songs get added.

I verified this playlist not to be broken - played directly over any first party spotify client, it works quite well.

I’ve found this thread from over a year ago, seems to be the same problem:

A second problem, probably resulting out of what I’ve described:
Playing this playlist with Spotify Connect interrupts after a few minutes when playing this playlist.
It always interrupts between titles, not in the middle of one.

Best regards

I’m not clear whether this playlist is a Volumio or Spotify one.

With regards to Spotify, the Spotify API only returns a fixed number of songs per request, and I don’t think that the logic to do multiple requests was implemented (the plugin writer was busy at the time). If you do a search back to 2020 ish, you will be able to read the exact reasons.

That’s correct. The Spotify API returns a max of 50 items (tracks, playlists, albums, …) and it would require a non-trivial amount of work to add pagination to all of the calls.

I’m still too busy with my day job to work on this, but if a Volumio user wants a fun project to learn how to program in Node.js, this is for you!