Onkyo A-9010

My amp has Wolfson WM8718 DAC, and I’m thinking if it’s a better option to buy something like the Hifiberry Digi+ and connect it to the DAC of the amplifier or if it’s better to buy something like the Hifiberry DAC+ and connect it to the amplifier analog inputs.


I would buy both HifiBerry boards and test myself, will be much fun.

This question has been asked before, in another form, with some answers:





I use this combination over a year and it is beautiful.

I have been using Hifiberry over optical connection and am convinced that this is a no-compromise solution (signal previously sent to A-9050, now to P-3000R).

Please note however that the A-9010 does not feature a DAC; it will only take analogue input.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

The A-9010 (excluding the UK version) comes with a DAC itself.