Ongoing Dropouts with Tidal Connect

Hi All,

Thanks in advance for your help. Volumio 2.XXX and Volumio 3.XXX, I have persistent issues with Volumio dropout and certain tracks just refusing to play on Tidal connect, while others play just fine. Other times, a song just randomly changes. Also, there’s Volumio dropouts every few minutes. Internet provider and connectivity are not an issue. From everything I can tell, this is a Volumio software bug issue. It’s infuriating. Seems to be worse at peak use times and with less popular artists (huh?), but internet speeds always test fine on my end. I don’t think Tidal is the issue because if I take Volumio out of the loop by using the Tidal app and iphone Bluetooth direct to the DAC, dropouts don’t occur.

System details are as follows:

-1 GB/sec wired Ethernet to RP4
-Allo Digione Signature

Any leads on how to resolve this? There’s times where Volumio is simply unusable and that sucks.

Having the same issue. Songs skip, or stops playing half way through or doesn’t play at all.

Without more information, devs are having a hard time “guessing” what the problem may be.

Would you share some system logs please?
Preferable from a fresh reboot, with minimal steps to reproduce the problem :slight_smile:
Post the returned link here.

Pecan Pi, Volumio 3 latest update, Tidal Connect, Ethernet connection. I have tried updates, rebooting, increase buffer size…keep getting dropouts. Sometimes the volume simply “mutes” but can see that the track is still playing. If i click on the track a little back on the track bar volume comes back for a bit. Soon, juts disappears again.

Any solutions?


I’m having the same issue. Tidal keeps cutting out halfway through songs with a spinner around the play/pause button, and doesn’t restart playback until you manually select a new track or press the start-from-beginning button for the same track. It happens every 3-5 songs for me.

Per the description in my included logs: This log was produced using the Tidal app connected to Volumio v3.198 running on my RPi 3B+ with Allo DigiOne hat feeding Peachtree Nova300 via coax.

Link to log:

You’re on an unreleased version, don’t ask for support.
Instead update, check and resubmit a log when the error persists.

3.198 is unreleased? It’s on the the Volumio Get Started download page and Check Updates in the UI returns No Updates Available - You’re already on the latest version…

You are correct, I thought 3.197 was the latest!
Sorry for the noise.
We only had an update today for Tinkerboard and x86.

I think I have a solution for this, at least in my case, by disabling 2.4 GHz WiFi at the access point to force the Pi onto 5 GHz. Seems much more stable.