One problem and one question on ogg playback

I originally posted to the ODroid development board. Moderator gkkpch suggested that the problem could be a general mpd one and suggested this Help board instead…

Running Volumio 2.668 on an ODroid C2 using JRiver Media Center 25 as the DLNA server (over a wired network), I noticed that playback of any .ogg track ends after just 10 seconds. Searching around, there was a suggestion that the problem was related to gapless playback, as 10 seconds into the track is the moment when JRiver transmits its SetNext command.

Disabling SetNext (i.e., disabling gapless playback) indeed seem to fix the problem. With that option changed for the Volumio renderer in JRiver, ogg playback worked fine. There were no issues that I observed with gapless playback of mp3 files, so is it somehow possible that SetNext handling is broken for just ogg files?

Separate from that problem, I also noticed that ogg files don’t appear to be seekable for Volumio. Attempting to skip to a different time offset in the playing track just gets one a (transient) error message (saying exactly that, the file not being seekable). Is seeking within .ogg possible within mpd? (FWIW, Kodi does permit ogg seeking.)

Thanks in advance!

The SetNextAVTransportURI problem with JRiver was posted back in March by user NealJ:


The log included in that posting suggests that Volume directed playback to be stopped, so perhaps the issue is more Volumio itself rather than mpd.