One Pi Solution - Volumio and its UI?

Loving Volumio on Pi 3B+ and 7” screen. Want to make this stand alone solution without have to use tablet, phone or external browser to kick-off the Volumio interface.
Currently the 7” pi screen replicates(?) what is on my tablet at Volumio.local/.
Is there a way to have a browser on the Pi sent the Volumio software on the same Pi what is needed to launch the interface? The aim being a Pi based music server box for the living room solely interfaced by the 7” touchscreen.

@gvolt i hope i said this oke…
if you have a touch display 7’’ inch just install the touch display 1.22 plugin…
you still will need a keyboard connected because the virtual keyboard is broken.
so if the virtual keyboard is re-maked you could make it standalone.
don’t know if the virtual keyboard is still working on the 2.xx but on 3.xx it won’t work
right now…

DVO, thanks. Yes I have the screen plugin, even have the screen the right way up! As you say no keyboard yet.
My issue is how to get the Pi and it’s screen to log-in to Volumio without having to use my tablet, phone or other external browser?

If you are using Volumio 2.x you can still use the Virtual Keyboard plugin.

Excellent. That’s the keyboard working now.

Just the independent boot to sort next.

Patience is a virtue. It would appear I have not had enough. If left long enough the Pi & 7” screen will boot through to Volumio, ready to go!
Influenced by the first log-in process I had believed that I needed always to utilise a tablet or external device to operate the Volumio interface. Doh!

nope just have to wait if the touch_display plugin is installed it will put it on your pi touch screen :slight_smile: