OMG, anti bot question too hard ??

ha ha cool, now I tried this for the first time, not beeing able to answer one of the simple anti bot questions.
and very funny you also set a retry number, so I got locked out…
The question was :
in which nation is florence?

very easy, it is italy offcourse,
WRONG say the checker… ok, did I spell wrong ?
googled a bit more and found
There are two Florence on Earth. The most popular is in Italy, while the other one is in South Carolina, USA.
ok so another correct answer could have been : USA

thanks, for the delay…

Your welcome :smiley: :laughing:

But seriously, if you would only see the list of bans we’ve had to add manually…
Just this month we banned 5 accounts and deleted 10 posts manually, and were not even a big and widely known forum.

So Welcome to the Volumio forum, I hope you get to ask and answer many more difficult questions :smiley:

he he, I just think it was funny, I was quite sure I did answer correctly
maybe there is a little error/bug in the list of correct answers :slight_smile:
anyways I am in now, so I am ok. just wanted to spare the next one for the same “problem”