Oled User Inteface for Volumio with Rotary and 4 Buttons, modular, highly, configurable supports ssd1306 and ssd1322

Hi there!
I’m building my own device.
Therefore i needed an Interface for Volumio, so i made one :wink:
The Code is on GitHub and highly configurable, have a look and/or give it a try :wink:
Here are some Pictures of the UI:
ssd1306 (1) ssd1306 (2) ssd1306 (3)

ssd1306Screen1 (1) ssd1306Screen1 (2)

ssd1306Screen2 (1) ssd1306Screen2 (2)

ssd1322 (1) ssd1322 (2)

ssd1322 (3) ssd1322Screenselect

ssd1322Screen1 (1) ssd1322Screen1 (2)

ssd1322Screen2 (1) ssd1322Screen2 (2)

ssd1322Screen3 (1) ssd1322Screen3 (2)

ssd1322Screen4 (1) ssd1322Screen4 (2)

ssd1322Screen5 (1) ssd1322Screen5 (2)

ssd1322Screen6 (1) ssd1322Screen6 (2)

ssd1322Screen7 (1) ssd1322Screen7 (2)

ssd1322Screen8 (1) ssd1322Screen8 (2)

And here are some Pics of my own-build-Receiver:

You can find everything on my GitHub Page.
I’m actually codiing on some features, so the code will improve from time to time.
Additionally i will make manuals, wiring diagrams etc. for the wiki on Github.
If something is missing that you need to know, or if you got an feature request, please contact me :wink:

Best wishes!


Just one word : amazing! :+1::wink:

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Fantastic! I have been wishing for something like this!

Now, if it could be installed like a plugin… :wink:

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This is also on my wishlist. But i have not understand how to build a plugin yet… So if anybody could assist me with thatt topic, it would be great!