OLED spectrum display on Volumio on Raspberry Pi Zero W

You’re welcome :slight_smile: @Adrii did the hard work really but the plugin is really handy.

This is team work :).

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Team work makes the dream work.

I forgot to mention that a few people also helped out with the translations too.

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Hi ,

I am trying to install the mpd oled from binary on volumio beta version for RPI. I have receive some errors. Could you please help me on this out err1_beta_buster_binary.txt (2.2 KB) .

Hi Florin

The message says there is no space available on some device (maybe /var/log) and so the mpd_oled package has not been installed, and the next command, whjch is included in the package, is therefore not found

apt_pkg.Error: E:Write error - ~LZMAFILE (28: No space left on device)
Error during install: 'installArchives() failed'mpd_oled_volumio_install_latest.sh: line 5: mpd_oled_usrlocal_check: command not found


Hello Adrian,
Yes, the /var/log is full. It has only 20M. On volumio 2 I did not had that issue. It is ok to be full after only installing 2 plugins and to have only 20M on the buster version

Hi Florin

I don’t know, I haven’t installed the beta version.


Can you check if the partition has been expanded? Use


To check if the whole SD is used

Hi @balbuze
is not the same as :

volumio@volumio:~$ df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mmcblk0p2 2.5G 426M 1.9G 19% /imgpart
/dev/loop0 358M 358M 0 100% /static
overlay 12G 1.2G 11G 11% /
devtmpfs 912M 0 912M 0% /dev
tmpfs 956M 98M 858M 11% /dev/shm
tmpfs 956M 21M 936M 3% /run
tmpfs 5.0M 4.0K 5.0M 1% /run/lock
tmpfs 956M 0 956M 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
tmpfs 956M 0 956M 0% /var/spool/cups
tmpfs 956M 4.7M 951M 1% /tmp
tmpfs 20M 20M 0 100% /var/log
tmpfs 956M 0 956M 0% /var/spool/cups/tmp
/dev/mmcblk0p1 92M 61M 31M 67% /boot
tmpfs 192M 0 192M 0% /run/user/1000


Hi balbuze

While you are here… do you know if anyone (you?) is making a plugin for Volumio 3 that a user will be able to configure to make a copy of the audio for any application that wants it?


Have a look at the doc. In plugin section it is documented now. And in my repo, branch alsa modular, you’ll find such a plugin in audio interfaces (eq10 bands, Parameq4volumio) or in miscellaneous, peppymeter

Hi balbuze

Do any of these plugins allow the user to configure a copy of the audio for any application that wants it, or are they just examples of using the new system for custom ALSA configurations?

It seems best that a single plugin should be responsible for making all copies of the audio, but if different plugins want to make a copy of the audio how should they avoid conflicts with other plugins when making use of the ALSA loopback device. I searched the Volumio 3 docs but could not find anything about this.


Hi Balbuze,

Please find atached the df output. I think all SD card is used.
Thanks Buster_partition_16gb_SD_card.txt (751 Bytes)


@Adrii let me know if you find out how to do this so I can implement it in my plugin! @balbuze did say they the plugins now support custom ASLA configurations but he couldn’t get it to work with CAVA. I think you know this already.

I’m thinking about shoving a new SD card into my Pi so I can start playing with the latest version of Volumio. This ALSA stuff is tricky but I want mpd_oled be available for all! :smiley:

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Hi Mase

I’ll wait for a release candidate before looking at how to configure the ALSA audio copy for Volumio 3, but it looks like the ALSA snippet I use with the softvolume override would work fine with the new ALSA system. However, if several plugins want to use the ALSA loopback device then this could lead to problems, if not managed (and I couldn’t see anything about the loopback device in a search of the Volumio 3 docs).

I’ll wait to see what balbuze says about the situation, but the best way forward might be to put in a feature request for a plugin that will make copies.


Yes, I think your snippet would work. In the new plugin system the ALSA config is contained in a file that is contained with the plugin folder and gets installed with it. I haven’t full looked at it this yet, it’s on my to do list. Hopefully, it’ll be straight forward to implement.

You might have a point with the multiple plugins issue, although I don’t know much about this area. Maybe a solution with present itself, you’ve waited years for this!


I have had a report (which I have confirmed) that the instructions for building mpd_oled from source on recent Volumio 2 releases will not work, as one of the system packages required (build-essential) is currently broken

Volumio 2.878, 2.882 - installation from source fail · Issue #66 · antiprism/mpd_oled · GitHub

I have checked and the mpd_oled binary install is still working correctly, and so I recommend using this

mpd_oled/install_volumio2_deb.md at master · antiprism/mpd_oled · GitHub



Thank you very much, I have successfully installed 2.42 monitor with spi/ connection.

But really I just want simple display like this.

Where can I edit to be able to display such a simple…

thank you very much

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Hi mrhung751

The mpd_oled FAQ says where to make program changes to modify the layout

mpd_oled/FAQ.md at master · antiprism/mpd_oled · GitHub

[EDIT: bearing in mind that you will have trouble installing a working compiler to build your changes on the current Volumio. See my previous post in this thread).


Thank you for responding. I can’t find the main.cpp file. Can you show me where it is located!.