Old-timer Case (With USB LCD!)

Hi everybody
i am in the process of creating a CASE and some nice STARTUP SCRIPTS to use on a USB-LCD (16x2) device. I have only just completed the display’s programming and the format is:

TT:TT Vol: nn%
Song Name

TT:TT is the TIME
Vol: nn% is the Volume
and “Song Name” scrolls.

I am still getting some formatting errors due to the USB and LCD software modules not being stable, but it only happens after a LO-ONG while. Restarting the display fixes it, but I will be looking into catching error and restarting the service if it falls apart :smiley:

Anybody interested can follow the project on my blog: http://aubreykloppers.wordpress.com You will also find the other project with the PiFACE (Raspberry PI with LCD and BUTTONS) still working like a charm…

cyber7 (Aka Aubrey Kloppers, Cape Town, South Africa)