Ok Now for Qobuz! (not available)

I just realized this morning that Qobuz has never actually been in the menu in the Volumio app. I see no place to add it or log in. The PecanPi does show up in the Airplay menu when i open the Qobuz app itself. At this point i’m thinking of just jumping over to Roon instead and use the Roon Bridge plugin.

Simply Login and Add Qobuz from the Sources menu.

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Ah ok, thank you!

You might find it disappears every so often.
I shut down after every use and about 1 in 5 to 1 in 10 times after start it’s not there.
Logging out and in again cures this.

@Steve_diy_audio You might want to raise this as a support issue directly for MyVolumio techsupport@volumio.org

I did on the previous version.
They wanted me to do trouble shooting for them :slightly_smiling_face:, I updated to 2.837 and the problem pretty much went away.
After about 2 weeks of behaving pretty well, it’s back again, actually failed to load Qobuz the last 3 times after start up in a row on me!
Logout and login solves it.

Might give the trouble shooting ago.