Oh my God what's happened here ? (ver 2.245)

Aren’t we trusting good old Italian design anymore ? :astonished:


Means you like it or not ? :laughing:

Please guys let me know if you like or not this design direction… :wink: Any feedback is appreciated

My first feeling was like a punch in the stomach and when I finally did catcht my breath, I wept! :slight_smile:
But we can always look at it from the bright side , it works in the mobile !

I think that a choice between List or Grid will solve the problem :wink:

I’m not keen on grid layouts either, but if there is is list option then I’m happy.

I like very much… the grid is great with tablet!

I am using the latest Tinkeboard version with the update UI.
Not sure if the UI is identical with RPi version. But in “Album” page, the titles are sorted by the Artist names. Can we make it back to the “album name”, or have an option to choose from?

I’m going to go the other way. I like it!

In particular I like that the “too colorful and noisy” icons were replaced with cleaner monochrome icons. I’d make them even cleaner and somewhat less detailed. Simplest possible shapes that are still recognizable, with low detail but high variability is what’s best from a usability perspective. That is what is most easily and quickly recognized.

Grid or list layout doesn’t really matter to me.

Sorting does matter. Here too, I think sorting albums by album artist makes far more sense. I’m amazed anyone navigates their collection by album name (how and why does anyone remember album names?) :wink:

However, these things are subjective. It will never be possible to please everyone. Ideally there is a a single flyout to configure both layout and ordering in each view.

I have more or less the same problem an a RPi3! But for me the albums are not sorted by artist, but by subdirectory. So, for example, I have directories blues, jazz, soul, and in these directories my albums, then the album view shows me the blues albums, a-z, the jazz albums, a-z, and the soul albums, a-z. This is quite unworkable.

Most of my collection are classical music. Being able to sort by Album titles, such as Mahler Symphony, or Composer, makes more sense to me. Maybe a knob for the album sorting will make everyone happy. :slight_smile:

Yes. I consider this the biggest problem. I’m using an RPi3. The music collection resides on an USB stick plugged directly into the RPi3. Albums are sorted by directory and within directory by album-artist.