Official Volumio App for Android

Hello everyone

Who is using the Volumio app on Android instead of a browser? Unfortunately there is very little info on the Google play store…
What advantages does it offer over the browser? Do we get the control panel in the notification area as with other music players? If anyone could share some screenshots that could be very heplful.

Thank you

there is no official apps available. but you can try MPD control apps.

At least this one claims to be the official app.

really? but never heard of its release news from

I use both. If I’m at my computer, I run through my browser. If I’m not at my computer, I manage from my Android phone. It is easier to adjust system settings from my computer just because there is so much more real estate on a monitor than on a phone. Other than that, I don’t see a significant difference other than some minor changes on navigation, which are easily learned and absorbed.