Official Rpi 7 "screen, touchpad still active even screen off!

Hello I would like to submit to you a small malfunction to Volumio regarding the “screen / touch pad lighting” function on an official “Rpi” 7 "display.

Volumio Version: 2.917 (The old versions were also impacted by this little problem !!! )
Hardware: Wed Oct 6 12:34:49 CEST 21
DAC: Hifiberry Digi + DAC Magic 100 (Cambridge Audio)

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Useless “Browse” tab to reproduce the problem
  2. Display of the main “Playback” screen
  3. Put a playlist in the “Queue” tab
  4. Start playing the first piece of music at the top of the screen from the “Queue” tab.
  5. Wait for the screen to go out
  6. After the screen turns off, touch the screen anywhere in the middle.
  7. You can see that the “Touch-Pad” function was still active since the playback changes, but you were blind and started a song whose title you do not see, at the same time the screen lights up and shows you the list.

Additional Information

Would it be possible that in the next versions the “Touch-Pad” and its functions of choice are only activated when the screen is on after having touched the screen to turn it on?
Hoping to have been clear enough in my description.
Jean Louis