Official Raspberry WiFi dongle still not working

Help please!

Volumio 1.55 on Raspberry Pi 2---->

I’ve following the instructions given in the compatibility list, downloading the firmware and copying all the brcm directory into /lib/firmware. Confirmed the files are present.

lsusb lists:
Bus 001 Device 015: ID 0a5c:bd1e Broadcom Corp.

Waited, rebooted, unpluged dongle, replugged dongle. No device is added into /dev/

Stuck now! can anyone help.

Failing that: what N-class wifi dongle is recommended that a fairly new linux user can use?


You could upgrade to volumio 2. I believe it has support for the official wifi dongle.

I’m sure it would be possible to get it working with 1.55, but that will be much harder than migrating to volumio 2.

Yes, I may try that. But forgive a complete noob here…where’s the image hosted?

It’s on the Volumio Github here:
The link to the .Zip can be found in the read me or here