OEM strategy

I have a Roberts R1 speaker / internet radio. Like many other companies Roberts uses the UNDOK system to provide internet radio and spotify etc. UNDOK is a system which in my experience is primitive, clumsy and unreliable. Each of the many times I have reset the speaker and reconnected to UNDOK I find myself wishing that it was supported by an embedded Volumio.

I know that Volumio offers OEM and Enterprise solutions but I wondered what your strategy is for acquiring new business. Is it just an open invitation or are you actively approaching companies like Roberts and proposing an alternative to systems like UNDOK? I’m hoping that it’s the latter as I would love to have the option to buy something like the R1 with an embedded Volumio.

This looks like a really neat device.
Our approach at OEM is quite simple: we receive lots of requests from OEM to integrate Volumio tech into their products. We receive lots of requests each month, but we don’t work with anyone. First we assess if the technical requirements are feasible from a software and hardware perspective and we also evaluate the company project. If both parties agree that we are a great fit to each other, we start providing them Volumio OEM and they become partners.

This looks like a really nice product, but giving its cost, it would be quite hard to make it happen. But never say never. Why don’t you write to them and suggest they have a look at Volumio OEM?

The original price was £179. It’s now discontinued and they are on sale at £49.

I will write to them if you think that’s OK, but I still think it’d a good idea to actively target and approach companies like Ruark https://www.ruarkaudio.com/ and Roberts yourself. Especially those companies that rely upon UNDOK and / or those companies that make active speakers with smart features. It really would be nice to provide the public with the option of a good quality plug-and-play Volumio system. Something for the Kitchen or a home office. Or just something for those who might like the idea of Volumio but are intimidated by the need for DIY.

Sam, yours is a really nice suggestion and we will definitely contact them (if you could write anyway, this will make up for them already knowing who we are when we write).
I like proactivity and you certainly are such a person :wink: If you like, would you mind contacting me at michelangelo at volumio dot org ?