Hi everybody,

This question isn’t Volumio related so I am asking it in this section. Has anyone here tried to run MPD on Hardkernel ODROID devices? I am planning to upgrade my old trusty Raspberry Pi to one of these (I’ve lost faith in hearing flawless hi-res USB audio on RPi). ODROID-U3 seems to be a reasonable choice for the price but I am wondering if these devices don’t suffer from similar problems as Raspberry when it comes to asynch USB DACs. So has anyone tested if ODROID handles 192/24 audio correctly?

Hi Jim,
mpd is no problem on an odroid-x2 and should run on any other odroid version. Google for ‘odroid volumio’ and you will see that volumio will be ported.
24/192 on odroid seems to be OK. No hickups, no clicking as far as my testing went.
Regards - Gé