Was running PI3 + Kali + Piano2.1 with issues.
Trying an Odroid solution to see if more power gives better album and artist display.
I beleive it should just because of ethernet speed and eMMC memory (16Gb)
Downloaded volumio - works perfectly but:

  • Can’t see I2S enable function so can’t switch to kali+piano (linked with cable because of connector compatibility).
    Thanks for your help
    JMM :question: :question: :question:

There are no drivers for Piano2.1 on Odroids and there are no plans from Allo or Hardkernel to support the DAC.
Following that, we can’t either.
As the Odroid HiFi Shield also uses a pcm512x, there is a little chance it will work.
You would need to select the Hifi Shield driver from the Playback Options.
If at all, the driver would only support the basics, no woofer, no dsp.

Note: when you try, make sure the HAT compatibility jumper on Piano is toggled properly (no HAT comp.)

Hello gkkpch,
Thank you for this precise answer.
Was thinking of switching to odroid to get better user interface speed response (The pi gets easely ‘overloaded’ when it tries to
display albums or artists (NAS with 2400 Artists - 2100 Albums - 17000 tracks))
I understand totally your answer.
Nevertheless I am going to give it a try - just for fun.
Of course i will share this experience …
SUGGESTION: The changelog available from odroid download section does not precisely list
the compatibility with dacs. Maybee a different changelog would be advisable.
Anyway still happy with volumio even with my pi issues.
JMM :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As for compatibility, it is simple: with Odroid we only support the Hifi Shield, Hifi Shield+ and Hifi Shield 2
I know cheap es9023 also work, there were reports from others too. But nothing we support officially.

btw. when you select HAT compatibility “off”, and it does not work, then try with “on”, using the pin locations from PI.