Odroid C2 project

Hello community,
I just connected an hdmi I2S output from audio-gd to the Odroid C2 I2S pins.
Works right first time! (output selected: ODROIDDAC)
switches between PCM and DSD without glitches
tried DSD64, received by my dac correctly in DOP DSD64 1 bit
but DSD128 is received as PCM 16*352.8 and stays silent…
anything to configure on the Volumio side?
thanks in advance for the help!

No, nothing else you can configure other than playing around with the playback options.
For your info, the DAC you selected is the HiFi Shield.
The driver for it is fairly generic and known to work with a number of other DACs.
But neither Hardkernel or Amlogic will claim that it works with DSD.
We cannot help, other than advising you to check on the HK forum or ask the DAC supplier whether he can give us a proper driver to integrate. You can use me as a contact person in case you like to.

I’ll check with Hardkernel and the designed of my DAC (Ted Smith, Ps Audio) to see what the driver could look like.
Do you know where it is in the Volumio release and what the parameters are?
Is it just one file I can copy and tweak to add a new driver available from the drop down list?

It is not simply replacing a file, the current shield driver is snd_soc_pcm5102 and has dependencies with snd_soc_odroid_dac.
We don’t need to change anything there, according to your post in the hk forum it could be a S905 PCM clock Speed Limitation.
Let us know what happens.


Might it be that Volumio “thinks” that your DAC doesn’t support DSD128 and then automatically converts it into the highest supported PCM resolution?

Is it an idea to make a list of popular DACs in Volumio for which the (maximum) supported resolutions is kept in a “database” including how to handle not supported resolutions?

last news : apparently the Odroid C2 supports 128 and 256 fs
“256fs is only fast enough for 16 bits (44.1k*256 / 352.8k) = 32 bits / stereo pair of samples = 16 bits / sample) It needs to go to at least 384fs (16.9344MHz) to get 24 bits / sample.”
so unless it supports 384fs DSD128 can’t be passed.

DSD 384fs DSD128 (11/12Mhz) playback is supported only via native DSD - dipend of the DAC chip. The DOP DSD encapsulated over PCM is limited to 5Mhz or DSD64.