Odroid C2 + iFi Nano iDSD for DSD256 playback?


I have an iFi Nano iDSD that have been using with a Pi2 with Volumio as a renderer with JRiver Media Center 22.
I am running Volumio 2.0 and have the Pi2 overclocked to 1050MHz. I can playback DSD64 with no issues and start to get pauses when trying to playback DSD128. I have some DSD256 files I would like to be able to playback as well. I was thinking of purchasing an Odroid C2 instead of a Pi3 as it seems to have more CPU power.

Has anyone tried this combo to know if it can playback DSD256?

From another thread searching for info I saw someone ask if Volumio supports DSD playback. I suppose this would be good to know as well before I try to invest too much into this setup.