Odroid C2 alternatives?

Hello all,

So currently Im using my Rpi 3 + HiFiBerry DAC as my main volumio player at home. But since I have also a Odroid C2 doing nothing there, I wanted to try again Volumio 2 on this board since it was unstable on beta testing.

During testing the Odroid C2 with latest version, I noticed it still has this behavior sometimes: when I plug a USB drive, it crashes and wont load music.

Since I wanted to do another volumio box at home, which board is considered stable using Volumio 2 besides the Raspberry Pi 3?

I was considering Sparky or Pine64, but before spending more, I want your feedback of other good boards. Have in mind I will use a USB DAC that has capability up to native DSD512, so i may need horsepower and good USB bandwidth.


Sorry not an answer to your query, but …before ditching the C2, why not help to solve the problem that you have reported? :slight_smile: Can you cause it reproducibly & what exactly do you do?

It has been reported before, when Volumio was on release candidate.

How about using a x86 board, example the Udoo x86? x86 has better management in USB?

Well, looking at other few posts here, most configurations used here are Rpi or x86 based platforms.

Im ditching the C2 :frowning:

This is the best you can get to run Volumio on:

It’s way powerful than everything, comes with powerful wifi and a great looking case. The NAS version ,as its name suggests, can be used as a NAS for your music…