Occasional hiccups

I occasionally experience ‘ticks’, ‘blobs’ and ‘hiccups’ in my music.

Raspberry Pi B+ 512MB
Volumio 1.55
Meridian Explorer USB DAC
Tuneblade (Airplay)

With Kodi, I get: “low bandwidth”, and heavy stuttering. So Volumio is relatively coping well it seems. I can’t identify the cause of the problems. :cry:

It seems that connecting via Ethernet plays without glitches. I suspect that the USB WiFi dongle places a too heavy load on the USB-Bus in combination with the USB DAC.

It might be worth trying a beefier Power Supply, let me know

It looks like as if the hiccups occur always on the same place in the track. However, if I don’t stream, but listen directly from my PC, they are perfectly alright!

Since I made a clean Windows install on my PC, the hiccups became rare. Still have an occasional “low bandwidth” issue with TuneBlade. There are some glitches in playback I suspect, but they are difficult to notice. Still, they seem to reside on fixed places on the tracks, while if not streaming, there are no glitches at all.

You could try this at the end of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

options snd-usb-audio index=1 nrpacks=1