Obtain fill path to album?

I have a few albums that show up and play perfectly so must be on the disc, but I can’t find them using a file explorer. Can I get Volumio to show me the actual path to a file that’s playing?

In the Volumio web interface: Music Library, source, look through the folders.
From a computer: \\volumio\ and browse the file structure where your music is
(mine is \\volumio\usb\music\ )

Thanks pwstereo for your suggestion but I know where the files are but there are around 3,000 albums in a massive tree structure. Searching by hand is impossible. I normally have a folder per artist (named after the artist), in there I have a folder per album (named after the album).
I’ve looked in the obvious folders but there’s no trace.
I have tried “Everything” and other utilities that can normally search for folders or files, but none of these utilities appears to be able to search a network share.
It’s so frustrating.
My next step will be to remove the USB drive and install it in a Windows machine and see if “Everything” will play ball.
But thanks to trying, Bob.