Now playing screen/queue get´s out of sync when controlled using mpd

Volumio Version: 3.179
Hardware: RPi 3B
DAC: Hifiberry Digi Pro+

When working I control Volumio (Play/Pause, Next) over MPD (XFCE4 Panel Plugin). When I press Pause Volumio pauses the music as expected and continues at the same position when pressing play.
BUT in the Volumio now playing screen (or the queue) you can still see the progress of the song continuing. When it reaches the end of the song the now playing screen and queue displays the next song, while still the last song gets played after pressing play again. This can happen multiple times (when you pause for a long time), so it is out of sync to the currently played song.

Bug is reproducible with different MPD clients (XFCE panel plugin, Sonata, MPDroid on Android Tablet).
Not really serious, but annoying on the long run.