Not booting on raspberry pi


I have just followed the instructions for adding the image to the raspberry pi but currently I am not able to boot the pi. When I plug in the pi I get nothing from the HDMI output and also I get nothing when trying to access volumio.local.

I have a model B PI and when I insert a SD card with a standard install of raspbian I have no problems.

I am adding the image on a mac and have tried two separate machines. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


Quick update I have tried using v1 rather than v1.1 and with this I am able to boot but I am still not able to connect via the browser and the Pi reports that it cant resolve the host volumio it also cant curl any domains so it appears something it blocking the internet connection

MMMM… Useful to know. The 1.1 bootloader seems to be broken with newer versions of the PI.
As for the network… Try to type the Pi’s IP instead of volumio.local

Let me know, I’m sure we’ll get this working soon!