Not able to find Volumio through wifi or app

Hey all,

After reading through prior tales of connection woes, I’m not sure what I’m missing.

As background, I’m running 2.917 on a Rpi 4b, with HifiBerry Amp2 HAT.

After connecting to the device as a hotspot, I just can’t seem to contact it any way.

I see it live on my wifi network and have tried the following (with all devices on the same wifi network).

  • http://volumio.local and NAME.local through browser from both Windows PC and Android
  • entering IP address (sourced from my network showing what devices are connected) into browser, from both Windows PC and Android
  • Searching for it on the Volumio Android app
  • Trying all the above on a (newly created) guest wifi network
  • Changing network password to remove exotic characters

I’ve flashed fresh volumio 4 times now, in order to reactivate the volumio hotspot and try different settings.

I’m not all that savvy, just embarking on some learning projects here, but a bit out of ideas for now, as it seems like it’s just somehow not discoverable unless I’m on the hotspot after a fresh flash.

Much obliged for any ideas.

Hi applesource, welcome (belatedly) to Volumio. :slight_smile:

If you have a read of:

the Quick Start Guide …

you should see that after connecting to the hotspot, then the Volumio UI can be reached at (volumio.local does not work for all scenarios). Here you should find a first boot configuration screen, that guides you through setting up your device on your home network.

Let us know how you get on.