NOOB : iTunes directory AAC song titles

Hi Folks

I installed and configured Volumio release 1.55 on a Raspberry Pi model A and directed the library to an existing NAS share.

My music library has been mostly ripped from CD using iTunes and Apple Lossless. The file organization is nested ARTIST | ALBUM | SONG, and all is visible in Volumio.

The song titles shown in Volumio are identical to the file name, preceded with the track number. For example: 01 My Song Title, 02 Next Song Title

This of course makes browsing for songs impractical.

My questions are:

  • is this expected behavior in the current version? Searching the posts here and elsewhere is not conclusive.
  • is it possible to change settings within Volumio GUI to correctly display the song name?
  • if not, can the MPD settings in the Raspberry Pi be modified to display the name correctly?

Other solutions would also be great

Thanks in advance


This behaviour happens when there is no tagging on your files. With mp3 or flac just tag properly, there is tons of software doing that…for alac, don’t know as I don’t use it.

Thanks Balbuze

I will give that a try - I was thinking it may be a constraint from MPD

All the best