Noises and crackles with DAC

Hi guys,
I have a problem with playing my music on raspberry.
My setup:
Iqaudio Dac Pro
7“ Display
SSD connected at USB
Raspberry power supply
Volumio 3

I must say that i listen to music only via headphone.

The problem is that when music changes to next song i can hear some crackles and noises.
What i have tried to solve the problem:
Another DAC (innomaker, there are also the crackles but not as loud as the iqaudio)
Another power supply
Other systems like picoreplayer and max2play
Take off the display
Take of the SSD and put on a usb stick with one album on it.

Nothing has solved the problem.

Is there anybody who can help me?

Greetings Daniel

Sounds like excellent problem solving already. Could it be some kind of mains interference? Any chance you could test your system in another house and see if it still crackles there.

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I tap the Raspberry power supply unit

I tested also with 5v/5a poeer supply

Maybe this will help?

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I want to try at weekend. I can‘t believe that i am the only one with this problem.

I can not sleep this night so i tried the config in the video. Nothing has changed. Problem not solved.
Maybe the raspberry is the problem?

Just saw your other topic, seems you are playing DSD.
This is a known issue and is caused by your DAC. Please read this as it has a very simple explanation why this is happening.

Thank you for the link.
But the problem is also with flac.

Got it solved.

They were settings in Alsamixer. There are auto mute times for the right and left audio channels.
I set this from 21ms to 2.13s.
The cracks when crossing songs is gone.
If I now skip a song further or back, the cracking is still there. That doesn’t bother me, though, since I mostly listen to the albums in their entirety

Thanks a lot for your support.

Greetings Daniel