Noise During DSD Files Playback

I hear random clicking sounds in the middle of DSD tracks (both direct* and DoP modes**). Below is my setup:

Volumio v. 2.201
RPi 3 (w/ Ethernet connection and had on board WiFi turned off)
DSD files stored on a USB stick
iFi iDSD Micro BL (powered by a linear power supply unit)
*Tried changing buffer sizes and no improvement
**Changing from the DSD Direct to DoP mode helps a little but clicks are still there

I don’t remember hearing similar noise on 2.185 in the DSD Direct mode. The same track I played on another setup (Onkyo HF Player/iPad connected to [the same] iFi iDSD Micor BL) has no such issues. PCM files play in the above RPi 3 - Volumio 2 setup with no issues.

A quick research online shows users of some other DSD players had similar issues at some point/version. Just wondered if other folks here experience problems similar to mine.



Wanted to report back. Upgraded to 2.246, no more noises or random static sound in my setup with Micro iDSD BL anymore. Keep up the good work!