No wireless network available

Volumio Version: 2.777
Hardware: Toshiba Satellite

Hello there, I just downloaded Volumio for PC and successfully booted it on my laptop using VirtualBox (the OS runs on a pen drive).

Problem is: there’s no wi-fi network to connect during guided configuration.
Looking into settings, when trying to enable it, I get this error

Error: Command failed: sudo/bin/systemctl restart wireless.service Job for wireless.service failed. See ‘systemctl status wireless.service’ and ‘journalctl -xn’ for details

Funny thing is that I can reach Volumio through the browser and play web radio!
But I don’t have Tidal, YouTube, etc. icons displayed even if I started Virtuoso subscription…

Can somebody help?

Thanks in advance

Can you ssh into your Volumio installation, and run ‘sudo systemctl status wireless.service’? What does it report, if so?

Edit: actually if you can access to play webradio, it appears to be working…is it a wired or wireless connection? Can you describe what you can & can’t do?

if you run it in a virtualbox, you should set a bridge connection in virtualbox to use the configured wifi on your laptop

Thanks for your reply.

My Volumio “thinks” to not be online (I don’t have the flag under the IP), but it actually is because I access through Chrome and play web radios.
If I try to force a wireless network research in the settings I keep getting the error above - can’t try right now to check the file mentioned but will do the next days.

Anyway, the thing I can’t do is to have Tidal, Spotify, etc. buttons under my home section in order to link them: am I missing somenthing? I wondered they’re not appearing for this network issue