No wifi network, VPN

I know this sounds weird, but I’d like to be able to control my Volumio player while I’m away from home via VPN. I have My Volumio, and a Wireguard VPN activated. I manually specified the ip, but the Volumio app doesn’t find the server. As soon as I connected to my work wifi (still with VPN active) boom it works. I don’t think the app should ask: Am I connected to wifi? before it just looks for the darn IP to see if it can get there.

If you have a Myvolumio subscription, go to and you should see your device.

I’m not sure what the WireGuard options are and what you’ve configured, or how the app exactly works. But my first thesis would be that the VPN tunnel doesn’t “tunnel enough”. What I mean is that there’s probably some port and detection mechanism that isn’t sent into the tunnel and received on the other end. Have you configured split tunnelling for example?

Let’s start at the basics, you are able to ping local addresses on the other end of the tunnel? And TCP 80 is also working as intended? Second stage would be to test the control port for the app, I believe you can connect to port 3000. I’m not sure if the app uses that.

Maybe that’ll help investigate the issue :smile: