No wifi at starting up

When I start up my Raspberry Pi with Hifiberry mounted it doesn’t find any wireless network.
I can only make a wifi connection after typing:

sudo wicd-curses
(No networks listed, no connection)
shift D (disconnect)
shift R (refresh)

After some time it lists all wireless networks, and I have to select the right one and hit ENTER.

Then it works.

Anyone the same problem?

Have you checked your Preferences (type “P” in wicd-curses screen) for that SSID? There is an option to set it to automatically reconnect.

Also, just FYI there have been lots of people having stability issues with USB wifi adapters, so you’re not alone.

Yes I checked and have set automatically connect.
The issue is that although this automatically connection is set, it only works manually

Yeah, I had this same issue, though now I can’t remember what resolved it.

I would start by rebooting your Pi (make sure your system time is accurate), and then look in /var/log/wicd/wicd.log for the timestamp around your startup time. Check and see if it even attempts to connect. If it does and fails, there may be some info/errors indicating why. If not, then wicd would seem to not be picking up your preferences, in which case you might try uninstalling/reinstalling wicd, and wicd-curses.

I discovered another strange thing:

When I put in the PSU to the Rapberry it tells me (after some time) that Wlan0 link is not ready.
No matter how long I wait.
But when I reboot (Ctrl-Alt-Del) it becomes ready and wifi works.

What can be the reason of that?