No webradio for http://*.mp3 streams ?

I tried to add some webradio urls as explained in a few message on this forum. They dont play. I noticed that they differ from the urls already available in \volumio\WebRadio folder: they include an mp3 file.
For example,
Any idea why these urls don’t work ?

You’ll need to upgrade MPD to play this one properly.

Is it ok to upgrade mpd without upgrading Volumio ?
Is there a risk to break something ?

Yes, this is ok to update just mpd.
I followed the explanation from this post: tutorial-update-mpd-version-t642.html
fip works for me with mpd 0.19.9. I think you need for this version to also install libboost to compile successfully.


Thanks for the tutorial on how to upgrade mpd, 0.19.9 works like a charm. But still no luck with fip radio stream. As for still works with vlc, but not with volumio. I put this url in a single line m3u file, just like a few other radio playlists already available.
Any idea on what else to check or set ?