No Webinterface, no SSH

Hi guys!

Me and my Pi have been on a journey ever since I bought that little bastard half a year ago. Nothing seems to work on my end.

I used to run Volumio 1.55 which, altough very very very slow, was a stable solution. But I got a lot of timeouts via AirPlay so I decided to upgrade to Volumio 2.0 since many people recommended it for having shairport-sync which apperently works better (?).

I have installed the image onto my SD card, plugged everthing in, ethernet to the router and so on…
When trying to access Volumio via volumio.local/ it doesn’t work. (Altough that never really worked for me, also under 1.55. Always needed the IP)
I can ping volumio.local/ and get the IP adress ( to which I also can’t connect via the WebUI.
I’ve been looking around the forum and found the suggestion to restart MPD so i attempted to try that.

Now I’ve encountered a new problem. I’m using Putty for SSH.
I enter the IP adress, connect, and after about 15 second I get the error “Network error: Software caused connection abort”.
So I can’t even access it via SSH…

I’ve looked around the internet but couldn’t find any solution…
Maybe someone here can help :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

More detail would be helpful. Which Pi, which Volumio version? You don’t state it, but I infer that you are trying to connect via wired eth0. You did leave the Pi alone after the first boot for at least 6 mins as explained in the documentation? Have you verified the IP address you are trying, either from your router, or with a mobile app such as ‘fing’?