no web gui afther update to 2.698

Hi after update RPI2 whit wifiberry digi + no gui, no conect the web service.
i restart the with a new cleaned installation …all is ok but when i restart the system the same problem.

Connecting via ssh i stopped the mpd service then i can connect via web, pls any idea for this error?

Same here on my Raspberry Pi Zero W. After the update was finished and I’ve rebooted, the web GUI did not load properly. I noticed that the spinning waiting circle was just a rectangle that was spinning forever.

I did a clean reinstall of 2.698 which solved the issue for a few hours, but then, same thing again ( rectangle spinning forever).

I went back to the previous version (glad that I’ve backuped the image!) and everything runs fine again now since a couple of days.

So, there is for sure something heavily wrong within version 2.698! :neutral_face:

That’s strange - I have running two Volumio’s on RPi2 and RPi3B+ with this last version for several days already and only problem I see so far is that after restart they report - sound card is not accessible, but they play after that without problem. Might be because I have no Hat ID eprom on them.
Must mention I use only wired LAN not WiFi.

pls where i can download any old version, I searched but can’t find any