No volume control


I just install volumio last build on my Raspberry pi 3 with hifiberry digi+ it works well but i can’t control the volume, it is always the maximum…
How can i make it working ?

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No way as of now, but we’ll be adding this possibility for devices without an hardware volume control

Ok, do you know when it will be adding ?

Actually RuneAudio and Moode both have this feature working out of the box.

when it’s finished. And what Rune and Moode have is irrelevant, you’re getting something totally new :wink:

Is it possible to test it in beta ?

(Do you speak french ? I see that you are from Switzerland)

Yes, when it’s finished, do I need to repeat that in french?

Finished means stable version…
Not finished means Alpha, beta, and RC version.

Usually some developpers give them soft in beta to allow users to test it before it is finished.
What the Hell I said wrong ? Don’t understand why you get angry about that… :unamused:

I have no reason for being angry, let’s call it ‘done’ instead, then it will be made availabe for testing. OK?

Can you define what “something totally new” means?
For users who would like volume control now Rune and Moode are relevant.

Volumio 1.55 had it out-of-the-box too, but that does not count anymore. This is not a Volumio1.55/Rune0.4/Moode update version, Volumio 2 has been rewritten from scratch. There is no releation with the old code and therefore irrelevant. Volume control will come, no doubt about that. Hopefully it is in the first release.