No stop/play button playing Radio (Volumio 2 / 0.979)

Playing a radiostation the stop/play button doesn´t work (allways in play state).

Could you signal it in the bug tracker here: ?

I might have stumbled upon the same issue.

At the moment it’s like described below, but I also had the play button being stuck till refresh

Radio.m3u in the playlist;
Play button is normal, press play.
Play button changes to stop button.
Press stop, audio stops interface doesn’t change.
Refresh the web page, interface changed.

Android 6.0.1 chrome browser.

(still have to make a account, sorry for that :blush: )

I’ve reproduced this in the latest version as well.

Github bug is here:

Is github your preferred way of getting bug reports?


Yes, thank you Jochen. I thought I have fixed that, but apparently this bug is tough! :smiley:

Bug is still present in 2.031

I’m also having this problem. Doesn’t even help to refresh or use another browser nor different device. Need to restart often to get it to stop playing. Pretty annoying.