No startup without monitor / no sound

Hi there,

switched from simple mpd radio to latest version auf volumio on a raspberry pi.

I have two major problems:

  • system doesn’t boot without having a monitor on HDMI.
  • when I temporarily used a monitor to boot up I get no sound from the onboard aux output. My guess is that he streams audio via hdmi and not aux.

In the backend it shows ALSA and i turned the audio process on “Software”.

Please help me to get the things work.

Best regards from Germany

I dont know why you cant start without hdmi.
But if you use an hdmi cable the sound will indeed get sound over hdmi (would be nice if we could disable this)
Is there some command that can do this?

you need to add the following line to /boot/config.txt (I think the last one does the trick):

see also: … crappy-tv/