No Spotify Connect / Allo USBridge - Sparky - Mytek Brooklyn DAC

Dear Volumio music lovers,

I have an Allo USBridge with Sparky SBC and Mytek Brooklyn DAC. I have installed the plugin “Volumio Spotify Connect2 1.0.5”. Still Spotify cannot connect to the Volumio Allo USBridge. I also have the plug-in “Spotity 2.0.2”. This seems to work, but it does not include my favorites and play lists.

How do I:

  1. Get Spotify connect working, or
  2. get my playlists and favorites etc. in the Spotify Volumio GUI ?

Best regards,

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.852
Hardware: Allo USBridge Sparky
DAC: Mytek Brooklyn

You probably have the same issue as there - please try the steps from there :slight_smile:

If you are comfortable with ssh, could you also let me know if the Volumio API gives us the correct parameters?
You could check by examining the configuration file for vollibrespot

# VLS config
cat data/plugins/music_services/volspotconnect2/volspotify.toml

Also confirm that this matches what Volumio should use

cat /data/configuration/audio_interface/alsa_controller/config.json

Dear Ashthespy,

I’ve been playing around in “http://volumio.local/dev/” with the rules you mention. The logs I get are really enormous. Hundreds (thousands?) of lines. Is it useful to share this and find a needle in the haystack?

Best regards,

Hey Olaf,

What would be best is to open up two tabs - \dev page in one tab, volumio.local in another. Stop all other things in Volumio, and then enable the live log, and then recreate the minimum steps to reproduce your problem.

In this case it would be:

  1. Enable LiveLog
  2. Stop any playback.
  3. Attempt to connect from a Spotify Client
  4. Copy the logs here :slight_smile:

Hi Ash,

Thanks for your reply. This is what I get in de livelog in the /dev page when I follow your steps:

Starting Live Log…
process exited with code nullNo journal files were found. Failed to get data:
Cannot assign requested address

In the Android Spotify app I can see the Volumio as device to play from.

Best regards,

Dear Ash,

Don’t know what happened to font of my previous reply. I tried the livelog again and in an other place of the browser window found this:


Can you make sense of this?
Kind regards,

Ah, it looks like the Sparky build needs sudo for the journal files. So LiveLog will not work. Sorry!
You will have to use ssh. There should be a guide on the Volumio docs page, let me know if you don’t find it :slight_smile:

But how did it work back here? :thinking: Or was this using the “send log” button?

Dear Ash,
I’m slightly familiar with Putty and SSH. I wouldn’t know what sudo commands to use to activate LiveLog on the Sparky (I am a music lover and no computer whizkid). With search “LiveLog” in the community webpage I didn’t find anything useful (I think).
What and where is the “Volumio docs page”?
Could you send / post the right info?
I’ll get to it in some days.
Thanks in advance,

Sorry for the confusion –

LiveLog is just a small “feature” where you can see the log messages directly from the browser by visiting the http://volumio.local/dev/ page. It looks something like:

To see the same information from the terminal (putty/ssh) you would need to run the following commands

# Volumio logs
journalctl -f 
# vollibrespot logs
journalctl -f -o cat -u volspotconnect2.service

Note you might need add sudo before these commands depending on the version of Volumio your running

Dear Ash,
With putty ssh the commands you propose have no result.
The “…/dev” page results in a link to a log file which is far to big to copy in this reply window.
Any suggestions?
Best regards, Olaf

I am very confused, can you please share a screenshot of this very big log file?

Here’s an example:

Ah, as suspected - this is the normal Send Log or bug report link which lets you share a detailed log for debugging
The process is described better here in a step by step fashion:

This isn’t the LiveLog - that is just a few lines further down the page. Do you not see it on the dev page?

Either way, you issues is mostly the same as I mentioned back in No Spotify Connect / Allo USBridge - Sparky - Mytek Brooklyn DAC - wrong mixer setup.

Can you try the steps I posted in that thread?

It should solve your issue…